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The career of a graphic designer is filled with creativity, excitement and new challenges. The main job of a graphic designer is to create graphics and designs that visually communicate the idea to the mass. The designs created by a graphic designer should be inspiring and informative as well as should convey the specific message and call-to-action as desired by the brand or client. 


Creativity and excellent communication skills are some of the basic requirements to become a graphic designer. You should be able to understand the message and the best way to convey the message graphically. The design created by a graphic designer should not only be artistic for art’s sake but should convey the message intended in an interesting and effective way. Also, one should be able to handle a strict deadline as one has to work under pressure. In addition to these skills, a graphic designer should also specialize in these areas:

  • Typography
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Branding and Advertising (print, web, broadcast)
  • Email Blasts and eNewsletters
  • User Interface or User Experience Design
  • Web Design
  • Product Packaging
  • Book Design
  • Logos
  • Print or Web Production


Career scope in graphic designing is very wide. The demand for graphic designers is mostly from print media, advertising, electronic media and digital media. A graphic designer develops entertainment, advertising, news and features in all forms, including print media like – magazines, newspapers and brochures and digital and broadcast media such as game machines, television, web browsers, social platforms and portable devices. Many corporate houses and brands have also started hiring in-house graphic designers. 


Skilled graphic designers receive a good salary package in India. The salary of graphic designers may vary from city to city and also on the basis of other factors like industry experience, creativity, education, type of employer etc. As per an estimate, the average annual salary for graphic designers in India starts from Rs 3 lakh. Those with advanced training and specialized design skills get paid more.


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    Graphic Design

    Graphic designer salary, qualification & job opportunities in India

    Graphic design has always been a popular career choice among youth, but with new technological development being introduced into our lives it has become more important than ever. Today, all kinds of people use technology so it has become very important for businesses to build technologies that are user-friendly and easy to navigate. And graphic designers are the ones who help businesses build products that are attractive and user-friendly. 

    Graphic Designing: Tools Used

    Graphic designers, web designers and digital artists are all interrelated terms. If you are an aspiring graphic designers, you should have knowledge of following tools:

    • Adobe Photoshop: It’s used for editing and manipulating photographs/images, improving lighting and colour, adding special effects, removing blemishes, creating new images from scratch etc.
    • Adobe Illustrator: It’s the main tool used by a graphic designer for most of the graphics design work. You need to have a very creative mind to use this tool.
    • InDesign: It’s a desktop publishing and typesetting software which is used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books, ebooks etc.
    • Adobe XD: It’s a vector-based user experience design tool for web apps and mobile apps. 
    • Balsamiq Wireframes: It’s a graphical user interface website wireframe builder app. It allows the web designers to arrange pre-built widgets using a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor. It has many other features as well. 

    Graphic Designer Responsibilities

    A graphic designer is responsible for performing following work:

    • Communicate with clients or company’s art director to discuss a project
    • Use designing tools to create appealing designs
    • Create visual elements like – logos, original images, art work, website designs etc.
    • Design layouts and select colors, images, and typefaces to use
    • Presentation of design concepts to clients or art directors
    • Modification or changes to give final touch to designs

    Graphic Designers: Key skills required

    • Excellent hold over design and photo-editing software like – Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver etc.
    • Exceptional creativity and innovation to create out-of-the-box designs
    • Time management and organisational skills
    • Accuracy and attention to detail
    • Should follow the latest trends and their role within a commercial environment
    • Should be able to work on tight deadlines

    Graphic Designers Salary in India

    On an average, graphic designers get an annual package of Rs 3 to Rs 4 lakhs at the beginning of their career. Typical employers of graphic designers include – advertising agencies, large print houses, brand agencies, signage companies, book, magazine and newspaper publishers, multimedia companies, television and broadcasting companies etc. A graphic designer can also work as a freelancer or establish his/her own design studio.

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      Difference between Good UX Design and Bad UX Design

      Good UX Design and Bad UX experience can be subjective and can be difficult to pinpoint. However, there are certain standard UX design principles that can give you a direction in understanding what makes a good UI experience.

      You can enroll for a UI UX Design Course to learn more about these principles. There are many web designing institutes in Delhi that offer UX Design courses and UI Design courses. Understanding the guiding principles of a good UX Design in one thing, and to use it in practical is another element of understanding good versus bad UX experiences. 

      Here are some of the common examples of Good vs Bad User Interface:

      #1. In a good example of UX design, the users are informed about what is happening on the page in a reasonable response time following the action. Whereas, if the page doesn’t provide timely feedback as to what’s happening on the page, it may create a more negative or confusing experience and is a classic example of bad UX design. 

      #2. A good UX design uses words that users can easily understand, and take action on, whereas a bad UX design may use highly technical jargon that only experts may understand. 

      #3. Pairing thoughtful experience design with clear, hierarchical visual design will create a good UX design whereas ignoring visual design can lead to bad UX experiences.

      #4. You should create products and experiences that should be able to handle errors. A good UX design not only informs a user when an error has occurred, but it also actively designs to prevent errors from happening in the first place.

      #5. Errors are inevitable, however, when it happens, a good UX design would inform users about it. However, you need to be careful of language, tone and design. Leaning on technical language, or database error terms will lead to a bad user experience.

      To learn more about UI UX design, you explore the UX Design Courses and UI Design Courses offered by Dice Academy. The Academy also offers Web Design Courses, Web Development Courses, and Motion Graphic Design Courses. Dice Academy is one of the best Web Development institutes in Delhi.

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      7 type of logos: When, Why and How to creatively use them

      Logo is the first thing that grabs the attention of customers so make sure the logo you design should leave a strong first impression. There are different styles of logo designs that can be customized to create a unique and memorable brand identity. Broadly, we would categorize the logos into seven styles – Monogram, Wordmarks, Lettermark, Pictorial marks, Abstract logo marks, Mascots, Combination mark, and Emblem. Let’s find out more about each one of them:

      Lettermark logos

      Used to create simple and memorable logos, lettermark is a typography-based logo design that usually comprises a few letters, mostly a company’s initials. This type of logo design is most suitable for brands that have long names. It makes the brand recall easiest and effective. Some of the popular brands with the Lettermark logo includes – IBM, CNN, HP, HBO, NASA etc. 

      Wordmark logos

      Wordmark logos are best suitable for companies that have a succinct and distinct name. These types of logos are font-based and the main focus is on brand’s name, for example – Google. The name is catchy and memorable. When combined with strong typography and the right combination of colours, the logo helps create strong brand recall. A pro tip would be to use a font or infact, create a font—that captures the essence of what business does. 

      Pictorial logo icons  

      Pictorial logos, also can be called as logo symbols, are created with unique icons or images. For example, Apple logo, Twitter bird, Target bullseye. The logo of each of these companies is emblematic and so established, that one looks at the icon and you instantly recognize the brand. It is really tricky to design these types of logos. When deciding to create a pictorial mark, make sure you choose an image that will stick with the company its entire existence. 

      Abstract logo marks 

      We can say the abstract mark is another version of the pictorial logo. In this type of logo design, instead of a recognizable image—like an apple or a bird—an abstract geometric pattern is created to represent the brand. The most common example includes – Pepsi divided circle and the strip-y Adidas flower. Compared to pictorial logos, abstract logos give more freedom to create something truly unique to represent the brand.

      Mascot logos

      Mascot logos generally involve fun and colourful illustrated characters, for example – Amul, Air India, KFC, CommonWealth Games etc. It would not be wrong to call Mascots as the brand ambassador of the business. Mascot logos are more suitable for brands who want to create appealing images to families and children. 

      Combination logos

      Now if you want to put letter/fonts as well as icons/abstract/mascot in your logo design, create your own hybrid logo or combination logo design. You can lay the picture and text side-by-side, or stacked on top of each other, or integrated together to create an image. Some of the best examples of Combination logos include – Doritos, Burger King and Lacoste. A combination of text and image working together reinforces your brand identity. 

      Emblem logo

      Emblem logo consists of a font inside an image/icone/symbol. Most schools, organizations or government agencies use an emblem logo. However, nowadays, emblem logos are also being used by auto companies, food and beverage industry. Best examples of emblem logos includes – Starbucks’ iconic mermaid emblem, or Harley-Davidson’s famous crest. 

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      How to make a career as a Calligrapher

      If you are someone who is deeply interested in a creatively fulfilling career, and have an artistic flair then a career as a calligrapher can be an interesting opportunity for you. 

      What is Calligraphy?

      Calligraphy is an art of beautiful writing. It is an expressive medium where the letters come alive – vibrant and pulsating. This art form has existed for centuries, and is relevant even today.

      Calligraphy in modern times

      In today’s modern world, the art of calligraphy is not just limited to beautiful writing. This art has become an integral part of various other fields such as graphic designing, manuscript design, typeface design, illustrations, fine arts, sign making, etc. 

      Skills required to become a Calligrapher

      Calligraphy is a skill that takes a lot of effort and time to hone and perfect the art. If you want to learn calligraphy, you need to be diligent and practise it regularly. It will take time to make your hand steady, but you will be able to master the art over a period of time.

      Having an artistic bent of mind and a passion to work with your hands is also very important to become a calligrapher. You must have a creative mind and passion to create beautiful images, motifs, and symbols. You need to have an aesthetic sense and gauge of artistic balance. 

      Digital calligraphy

      Nowadays, calligraphers mostly work with digital media and designing software. So, to become a calligrapher in the modern era, you need to be comfortable working with both physical and virtual canvases. 

      How to become a calligrapher?

      There are many institutes in India that teach the art of calligraphy. You can choose a long or a short term course depending on your interest and need. Many graphic design institutes also include calligraphy as a part of their course curriculum. Graphic Design course by Dice Academy offers in depth calligraphy training to students in Delhi-NCR. The institute not only teaches the art of Calligraphy but also helps students in job placement training and interviews. 

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      6 best career opportunities after BA: Options ahead for you after BA?

      If you have clicked on this link wondering what job options are there for you after completing your BA programme then you might be surprised to see these prominent career opportunities after BA. There are many career opportunities after BA but here in this article, we will take you through only some of the most prominent career options that will help you build your career in the digital world. These options are irrespective of your graduation subject, hence, anyone can go for these career options:

      Graphic Design 

      Graphic design is an art form where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. With the use of typography and pictures, professionals create messages that are engaging, and interesting. If you have interest in colours, typography, image editing etc. then this might be the right career path for you. After BA, you can choose to do a short term course in Graphic Designing. Dice Academy offers one of the best Graphic Design Courses in Delhi-NCR. Check out their course page here

      Web Design 

      Web designing refers to the creation, planning and development of websites. Web designing courses can be a good option for those looking to start a career in the IT field. Web designers use several tools such as text, information architecture, images, fonts, colours, HTML, markup language etc. to develop a website. If you are interested in this field, you can go for a short term web designing course to learn the skills required to become a web designer. Dice Academy offers one of the best Web Design Courses in Delhi NCR. Check out their web design course here

      Pro Graphics and Web Design 

      In most of the companies, the job role of a graphic designer and web designer overlap each other and a single individual is responsible for both work. Hence, a Pro Graphics and Web Design can be an added advantage in your CV. Dice Academy offers one of the best Pro Graphics and Web Design Courses in Delhi NCR. Check out their course details here:

      Motion Graphics

      Motion graphics is another interesting career option for those who are looking for some off-beat career opportunities. Motion graphics are basically animation or digital art which create the illusion of motion, and are usually combined with audio. If you have a strong sketch and/or creative/graphic design skill sets, then this career option might be the right choice for you. Dice Academy offers one of the best Motion Graphics courses in Delhi NCR. To know more, check out their course page here

      Web Development 

      Web Developers are professionals who create websites. Depending on the job profile, a web developer may work as a front-end developer (designing sites and producing content) or a back-end developer (writing code to make website features work). The job responsibilities of a web developer also includes providing maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting when needed. Dice Academy offers one of the best Web Development courses in Delhi NCR. Check out more details about this course:

      UI/UX Design

      A UI/UX Designer is responsible for building an end product (website/app) which is simple to use and appealing to the eye of users. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two different functions which may or may not be performed by the same individual. Career scope and growth opportunities are unlimited in this field as having a strong and appealing website/app has become essential to grow a business nowadays.  

      Hope, now you know more about ‘What to do after BA?’. There are only some options but there are many career opportunities available, and you should choose one according to your interests.

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      Career opportunities after B.Sc: Know your options before you choose

      Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is one of the most popular choices for 10+2 students in India. Students who want to make a career in the field of Science and Technology take their very first step with the three year B.Sc degree programme. One of the best things about a B.SC degree is that there are many career opportunities for students after completing their B.Sc degree. 

      After the completion of the B.Sc degree, most of the students wonder what’s the next step? What to do after B.Sc. Well, if you want to enter job market right after your course completion, you can seek  employment in Educational Institutes, Space Research Institutes, Research Firms, Testing Laboratories, Forensic Crime Research, Geological Survey Departments, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Industry, Health Care Organizations/Institutes, Chemical Industry, Environmental Management & Conservation, Forest Services, Wastewater Plants, and Petrochemicals Industry, to name a few. 

      The second option is to pursue further education. Master of Science (M.Sc), Master of Computer Application (MCA), Master of Business Administration (MBA) etc., are some of the popular choices after a B.Sc degree. 

      The third option is for those people who want to make a career in the creative field. Students who have an artistic inclination and have an eye for colors, fonts, graphics, coding etc. can join courses such as web development, web designing, graphic designing, UI and UX design etc. 

      Everything in the world is moving towards digitization. The digital field is constantly evolving as different platforms are introduced. Hence, if you are looking for a brighter future, do explore the job opportunities in this field before choosing a career path. 

      If you want to become a graphic designer, web developer or a UI and UX developer, it is not necessary to spend 2-3 years to learn these skills. Also, you need to know only basic computer skills, however, you should have a creative energy and eagerness to learn new skills. 

      The salary of graphic designers, web developers, UI and UX designers are good in India. The demand is also high for these job roles and will continue to grow in the future as all businesses go digital. 

      There are many Graphic Design Institutes in Delhi-NCR, Web Design Institutes in Delhi-NCR that provide certificate courses for these programmes. 

      Dice Academy offers one of the best Web Design, Graphic Design, Web development, UI and UX design courses in Delhi. The Dice Institutes has received many accolades for its industry-oriented design and development courses. 

      Along with the course curriculum designed by the best in the industry, the Dice Academy also offers 100% job assistance to all its students. The Academy also helps students build their work portfolio before they complete their course. 

      If you want to pursue a career in the design/development field but are unsure about which path to take, drop us a message below and our career counsellor will reach out to you at the earliest.

      To know more about courses offered by Dice Academy, click on links provided below:

      Career Diploma UI UX Design Web Design Web Development

      Career opportunities after Diploma in Computer Science

      Computer Science Engineering (CSE) has always been one of the most sought after courses amongst Indian students. The popularity of CSE among young-aspirants might be because it offers a wide range of career paths for students. Though by the time a student completes his/her Diploma in CSE, there is one constant question in their mind – “What to do after Diploma in CSE?” 

      There is no one answer to this question as you know Diploma in CSE opens up several career options for you. After a Diploma in Computer Science, you can either go for a higher education in the field of your interest or explore your opportunities in the job market. 

      There is one more option for you. Choose to upskill your career with some short term courses in high-in-demand career fields and increase the chances of you landing a job offer. 

      Advanced Web Development Course: You would have learned a lot about programming and coding during your Diploma in CSE. But enrolling for an Advanced Web Development Course will teach you more about the challenges and skills you need at work on an everyday basis. The Advanced Web Development Course by Dice Academy has been developed by experts from the industry who know what you would need to make an entry into the corporate world. The Advanced Web Development Course includes theory as well as practical lessons for students so that they are fully equipped with the right knowledge and skills. The Dice Academy also assists students in creating their work portfolio and provides 100% job placement assistance to all students. 

      To know more about Advanced Web Development Course by Dice Academy, Click Here

      Graphic & Web Design Course: It’s not necessary that you need to only explore career opportunities in programming and coding or data analysis. You can choose to explore your creative side and join a certificate course in Web Design or Graphic Design to begin a journey into this creative field. The Web Design and Graphic design courses by Dice Academy not only focuses on design aspects but also covers UI and UX concepts to enhance user experience. The Academy also offers assistance in making work portfolios and job interviews.

      To know more about both these courses, click on the link provided below:

      Graphic Design Course by Dice Academy

      Web Design Course by Dice Academy

      Pro Graphic and Web Design Course by Dice Academy

      Motions Graphic Course by Dice Academy

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        Career opportunities after 12th: Job-oriented courses for all streams

        As soon as a student reaches high school, his mind continuously puzzled about ‘Which course should be selected after 12th?’ It can be one of the most confusing periods in the students’ life. Students are advised to not get tensed and rather look for their options and career interest. 

        Whether you are from Class 12 PCM group or PCB group or Commerce or Arts group, you can choose to pursue further studies in law, management, fashion, textile, social work and many other such fields. 

        But if you want to stand out from the crowd and pursue a career in creative field, then these are some of the popular career options for you:

        Graphics Design

        Graphic design is an art where you will create visual content to communicate specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives. Graphic designers use various visuals, page layout techniques, and typography to create messages as per the needs of the client. A Graphic designer is responsible for creating – website designs, posters, infographics, book covers, product labels, logos, business cards, signs, mobile apps, software interface etc. To become a graphic designer, you can choose to pursue Graphic Design courses. There are many Graphic Design Institutes in Delhi-NCR but the Graphic Design and Web Design courses offered by Dice Academy is one of the most recognized ones in Delhi-NCR. The Graphic Design course at Dice Academy is prepared by industry leaders to make students job-ready. Click below to know more about Design courses offered by Dice Academy

        Web Developer

        The job profile of a Web developer and web designer have many similarities but they differ in some key areas. Web designers take care of the front-end of a website, focusing mainly on the look and feel of a website, whereas a Web developer works on building technical front-end and/or back-end code that informs site function. Web developers can work independently as a freelance basis or with marketing or IT departments. There are many Web Development institutes in Delhi-NCR. The Web Development Course offered by Dice Academy is one of the best suited courses for those who are looking for 100% job assistance. Click below to know more about

        UI & UX Designer

        If you have an eye for good visual design and the ability to empathize with your user, then a UI and UX Design course can be a good career option for you. As design has become a high priority for all types of businesses, many career trend studies report UI/UX to be in the top 5 fastest growing jobs of 2020. There are many institutes in Delhi NCR offering UI & UX Design courses. The UI & UX Design curriculum offered by Dice Academy consists of videos, theory classes and projects that prepared students for the job market. Click below to know more about UI & UX Design course by Dice Academy

        UI & UX Design Course in Delhi by Dice Academy

        Career Career After MCA Web Design Web Development

        Career opportunities after MCA: Scope, Job Profiles, Courses, Salary

        There are vast career opportunities available for MCA (Master of Computer Application) graduates. With the advent of modern IT technology, the demand for MCA graduates has not only increased in India but in international countries as well. MCA graduate with proper skill sets are highly in-demand nowadays. Depending upon the interest, passion and aptitude, MCA graduates can choose different career options such as:

        The whole world have moved into the digital zone of web and mobile platform. You will find a website and an app for every product and service. Companies today are focussing on marketing their products and services through websites and mobile apps. Hence, demand for Web and App Developers who can ideate, design and build web and app platforms has also increased and will keep increasing. 

        Enhance your App Developer career with the Advanced Web Development Course offered by Dice Academy

        Software Developer is the top preferred job profile of most of the MCA graduates. The primary job of Software developer includes – ideating, designing and maintaining the complex software systems. It’s a challenging yet creative field, where you can show your creative skills that go beyond typical coding skills.

        With the increase of digital marketing, the demand for web designers has also grown multifold. The main job profile of a web designer include – ideate, design and develop websites, depending upon the brief shared by clients. As a Web Designer, you must have strong imaginative and visualization skills. In addition to this, you must have creative sense for colours, font styles and layouts in order to design an appealing website. You should also have knowledge of software like Dreamweaver, CCS, Photoshop and Illustrator along-with sound knowledge of HTML and Flash.

        Upskill your Web Designing career with Web Design and Advanced Web Design courses offered by Dice Academy

        An MCA graduate can also explore career opportunities in the field of – Business Analytics, System Analytics, Software Application Architecture, Software Consultantatin, Hardware Engineering, Technical Writing etc. 

        Salary of a MCA Graduate

        The starting salary of a MCA Graduate in India can range between Rs 22,000 to Rs 55,000 depending on the area of work, responsibilities along-with their talent and skill level. Depending upon their expertise and skills, MCA graduates in India can easily find a job in metro cities like – Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. Some of the reputed IT companies that are always in a lookout for skilled MCA graduates include – Wipro, Infosys, Infotech, Satyam Mahindra, IBM, HCL, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant etc. 

        An advanced certification course in Web Design, Web Development, App Development, UI & UX design can enhance career opportunities after MCA. Explore various certificate courses offered by Dice Academy to grow further in your career. Dice Academy is one of the most reputed web design and web development institutes in Delhi-NCR.

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        Career Opportunities after BCA – Career Scope, Job Profile, Courses after BCA

        The biggest question for those who have completed BCA or are pursuing BCA or want to pursue BCA is – what are my career options after BCA? BCA students should know that there are multiple career options available for them after completing their BCA degree. 

        In this article, we will talk about the career options in Web Development, Software Developer, Programmer, UI and UX etc. So, if you are interested in these types of career options, keep reading below to find out job profiles, average salary, higher study options after BCA etc.

        Career scopes after BCA

        Those students who are inclined towards software technologies can enroll for courses like – programming, software development, web development, UI and UX designing. There are many institutes in the country that offer specialized certificate programmes in these fields. These options are the best short term certificate programmes to give your professional career an instant boost. You can also choose to complete one-year or two-year degree programmes or 3-months/6-months certificate programmes. 

        Dice Academy offers curated Software Development, Programming, Web Development, UI and UX Design courses that aims to make students industry ready in just 6-months. Click here to explore more about the Courses offered by Dice Academy. 

        Salary range in India

        The starting salary for the BCA graduates who complete certificate programmes in software development and other such fields range from 3 lakh per annum and within 3-4 years can be anywhere between 6-8 lakhs with experience and skill development. The demand for software professionals in the country is increasing every day and hence, BCA students will find more career scope after pursuing these courses. 

        Submit the form below and send your query to know more about courses offered by Dice Academy for BCA Graduates.

        best Graphic Design institute Branding Communication Design Graphic Design UI UX Design Web Design

        What is Communication Design? How to learn it?

        Communication design refers to the art of crafting visual messages and broadcasting them to the world in new and meaningful ways. The main aim of communication design is to build the relationship between the viewers and the visuals. The first step of Communication design making is to create the message which has to be shared with the viewers and then strategically design the communication message to capture the attention of the viewers. 

        A good communication design is the one that communicates the message faster than words can, at the same time, it also makes sure that the messaging is also clear and compelling.

        So, basically we can say that communication design is an art of utilizing visuals to strategically express information. You should also know that the term graphic design and communication design are used interchangeably due to overlapping skills.

        Check Out Dice Academy’s Graphic Designing Courses in Delhi

        What do Communication Designers do?

        A communication designer is the one who has the creative as well as technical skills to create visually arresting graphics and the professional skills to handle large, complex projects.

        Communication Designer Job Opportunities

        Here are some of the career options pursued by individuals who studied communication design:

        Corporate Design and Branding

        Communication designers with understanding of how to successfully brand a business are always in high demand in this industry. The market is so competitive nowadays that every company wants to establish a unique identity and stand out from their competitors to build strong relationships with their audiences. 

        Check out Logos, Posters, and other Creative designed by students of Dice Academy

        Advertising Campaigns

        Advertising is a crucial part of any business and most of the business houses have separate budget allocated for it. A Communication designer creates Advertising Campaigns like – online videos, image campaigns, billboards, television commercials, and marketing materials like brochures, stationery, and business cards.

        Book Cover Design

        As they say, people do judge books by their covers, hence it’s very important the design of the book cover appeals to the audiences. A skilled communication designer knows that the cover of the book should reflect the book’s purpose. 

        Web and App Design

        The Covid-19 pandemic has proved how important the Internet has become in our daily life. We see new websites, mobile apps everyday. A Communication Designer helps to create designs for websites and apps that communicate specific messages. 

        Check out Dice Academy’s Web Designing Courses in Delhi

        If you are interested in knowing more details about Designing Courses offered by Dice Academy, submit your query using form provided below: